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Chapter 01: Upgrade the OS

My netbook was delivered with Windows 7 Starter Edition, which has a limit on max 1 GB RAM. Thus step 1 became to install another operating system on it. (If you have another flavor of Windows, that can handle 2 GB RAM or more, it should be fine to use that.) 

Historically, I have altered between different RedHat/Fedora distributions on my computers, but in this specific case I choose the latest and greatest Ubuntu distribution (Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit) due to the fact that it worked completely out-of-the-box on my netbook, while the latest Fedora release required a manually built driver to get wireless networking to work.

Therefore the chapters describing how to set up your environment will be adapted for Ubuntu 11.10, and names of installation packets and so on will likely be different if you have chosen another operating system.

Anyway, I downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 from and put it on a USB stick with LiveUSBCreator to be able to test it properly before I installed it on my hard drive.

I verified that I got proper resolution on the internal display, that multiple displays work, that WiFi worked and that Suspend and Hibernate functioned as it should. After this I installed it "for real" but on a secondary partition with dual boot in place, so that I would be able to start up Windows 7 in case of emergency. (Such as when I need to use DVDfab.) 

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