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Chapter 39: Creating an app icon

Now it's real close! The app is almost ready to be published.

But the app's icon doesn't look that great for the moment:

The one we currently have is the default one, so let's do our own.

An app's icon should be made in three sizes; 72x72 (to be stored in res/drawable-ldpi), 48x48 (res/drawable-mdpi) and 36x36 (res/drawable-ldpi) and there are guidelines and templates for icon-buidling

But, lazy as I sometimes am, I'll just copy the existing image "asteroid_whole.png" from "res/drawable" and scale down in Gimp to the three required sizes and save one copy as "ic_launcher.png" in each of the three drawable-folders, overwriting the default versions.

Then we just mark the "res"-folder in Eclipse's Package Explorer and press "F5" to refresh the file list, so that Eclipse notices the three new files.

After this we will have to rebuild the project by selecting "Project -> Clean" in the menu, press "ctrl-F11" and see the new icon in place:


One step closer ;-)


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